horchata protein shake

Easy Horchata-like Protein Shake

I really like horchata. It’s a Mexican beverage (non-alcoholic) made with rice milk, cinnamon, and sugar and served over ice. Delicious. But that sugar factor means it’s not something I drink all that often. (If I’m going to have sugar, I’d rather eat sweets than drink them.)

Something I DO drink often, however, is a smoothie. I normally blend up some fruit and protein powder and whatnot, but there are times when I want a shake without having to clean the blender. But I still want more than just protein powder in water.

So I had one of those days and I just threw a few things together in a shaker cup and what went into my mouth tasted so much like horchata, I was delighted. Super simple, to the point of I guess you could think of this on your own, but it took me awhile, so….

If you like horchata you’ll love this–and no added sugar!

Horchata-like Protein Shake

1 giant scoop of vanilla protein powder

1 teaspoon cinnamon

1 cup rice milk (I usually use coconut milk instead)

1 teaspoon chia seeds (I can’t help it. Love them)

Put it all together. Shake or stir. (Stirring usually results in a few lumps so I prefer to shake.)



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