2017 year in review

2017 Year in Review

At the end of every year, I like to round up my favorite posts from the last 12 months. You know, in case you missed them the first time around. This 2017 year in review should also acknowledge the big changes in my actual year, not just my writing year. 2017 was pretty big.

My Personal 2017 Year in Review


I visited my beautiful friend in Mexico City, my first time in that particular part of the world. I also put my dog on a plane and moved away from Medellin, Colombia, the city that I had called home for two-and-a-half years. No plan. It was just time to move on.

in Mexico City


I landed in Denver, then South Dakota. My dog saw snow for the first time. I started doing more freelance writing for clients in a variety of industries.


A bit of a blur. Brent was still in Medellin finalizing the sale of his chiropractic office. Right around Easter, we visited Las Vegas and made the decision to move here.


We packed everything into my new (used) Jeep (the first car I’ve owned in nearly seven years) and a little trailer and drove 13 hours from Denver to Las Vegas. Max is a car-riding champion; he rested on his bed quietly the entire time.


HOT. Record highs in Vegas, even. We settled into our long-term rental (it was hard to find one that accepted a dog of Max’s size and breed). I started working at F45 and EOS Fitness. We saw Matchbox Twenty and the Goo Goo Dolls and The Kickback and George Straight, all of which made my day.


I went back to South Dakota for a visit as my high school volleyball team got inducted into the athletic hall of fame. It was more fun to see those ladies than I had even imagined; it was a special day.

volleyball team in high school hall of fame


I woke up one morning and it was chilly! My beloved friends from college came to visit. Brent had a birthday.

year in review: friends in town!


I had a birthday. We did an early Thanksgiving at a friend and co-worker’s house, and an on-time sushi Thanksgiving with another couple.


I took an early holiday visit to see my family. And here we are.

Your Body Best 2017 Year in Review

Some of my favorite posts from this year include:

The Practice of Gratitude

It’s not something that happens; it’s something you work on. I listed a few ideas for practicing gratitude that really work for me.

Yoga and Fear

They come together in two ways: the fear of trying yoga, and using yoga to overcome fear.

How to Know When You’re Ready for an Advanced Yoga Pose

I grow weary of all the Instagram accounts celebrating physically advanced poses and ignoring the equally beneficial gentler ones….particularly if it inspires people to rush into poses they’re not ready for. No one pose is better than another, and physical advancements are a natural progression of your practice.

Is Novelty Yoga Still Yoga?

Yoga with goats and beer and weights…is it even yoga anymore? Kind of?

What Is Body Awareness, Anyway?

I talk about it a lot, but what do I mean by it? This.

Is Yoga Dangerous?

The short answer is no, but the rise of yoga-related injuries makes it a question worth asking.

Transitioning With Grace

We’re always making transitions, and I got to practice doing it gracefully this year when I moved back to the U.S. after six years in South and Central America.

Tell me about YOUR 2017. Personal highlights? Favorite posts?

And here’s to a beautiful 2018.

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