on my way to india

On My Way to India!

Tomorrow, I’m leaving for India and my next 300 hours of yoga teacher training.

This is a process that started back in May when I applied for the program. And really, it started long before that…we could go way back to 2007 when I completed my first teacher training at the same school. Afterward, I always felt that I’d go back to India someday to do another training.

Between May and today, there have been a lot of preparations. I read several new books. I did some extra anatomy studying. I started practicing yoga first thing in the morning (even before breakfast!) and have gotten more dedicated to a meditation practice. I went 100% vegetarian instead of my normal 90%.

I bought plane tickets. I came back to the States to apply for the visa to India. I rounded up white clothing and various supplies. I worked ahead, for Your Body Best and Growth Advance, so that no one else needs to take on extra work while I’m gone.

The next seven weeks will be intense, I know. With everything ready to go, this is what I’m focusing on now:

Releasing Expectations

I’ve been to this ashram before, but this won’t be the same. The town and ashram both have changed in nine years. There will be some different teachers and all different students. I am different. My body is different. I’m focusing on letting go of any idea of what will happen or how it will be.

Staying Here and Now

I already haven’t seen my boyfriend and dog in a month and a half. It’ll be another month and a half before I see Brent again (and nearly two and a half before I see my dog!), so I’m missing them and looking forward to seeing them again. I love Christmas time, and I’ll be getting back just in time to enjoy that with my family.

But I don’t want to rush through this experience of teacher training. I’m breathing deeply, and reminding myself to stay here with my breath and enjoy where I am right now.

Opening My Heart and Mind

I’m ready. Ready to become a better yoga teacher, ready for whatever transformation or experiences present themselves, or don’t. Part of what made me nervous over the years about going back for this training was the idea that I wasn’t ready for certain techniques or poses that might–get that, might--come up. Now, I’m diving in. I’ll figure it out as I go.

wild thing yoga pose
I’ll be pretty busy these next seven weeks. I’ve written a couple of posts that I’ll publish throughout the next two months so you have some new reading. 🙂 I doubt I’ll have any time to write at length about what’s going on during teacher training, but I’ll Tweet and make Facebook posts on occasion to keep you updated, then I’ll write more details about the experience when I return in December.

Wish me luck and love and light. The same back at you.

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