Yoga for Runners

As I prepared for my first marathon, yoga was an important part of my training. However, I still ended up with IT band syndrome after the race. At that point, I realized I hadn’t used yoga’s full potential to help me run stronger and prevent injury. I hadn’t been intentional enough with my practices.

Yoga for Runners

In looking online, there was no solid response to a “yoga for runners” search. I’d find single, short classes, sometimes with the teacher still in running shoes, and lists of the “10 best” poses for runners. Sure, those poses are great for runners, but when we’re not doing them in the context of a complete yoga practice, we’re missing something.

I created this course with that in mind. Each class is designed for runners, not only because of the poses we’re doing to stretch and strengthen, but because of the mindset we’re practicing and the themes we explore in each class.

Yoga for Runners includes:

  • 14 pre- and post-run yoga sequences (5-15 minutes each)
  • 4 short yoga classes (20-30 minutes each)
  • 4 long yoga classes (40-53 minutes each)
  • 4 specialty yoga classes (beginners, core strength, hip strength/stability, and restorative)
  • A handful of super-short lectures to offer more insight into yoga, breathing, muscle groups, and more; tips on how to schedule yoga into your running training; and additional resources if you’d like to learn more.

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