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Wrapping Up Two Weeks on the Healthy Reset

You might remember that I started the Healthy Reset by Sunfood Superfoods on April 17. This two-week vegetarian meal plan featured healthy vegan recipes, created by Sunfood, for breakfast, lunch, and dinner–plus snacks! I’ve been a Sunfood fan for almost two years now, so I’ve tried a lot of their recipes and have drooled over others. The Healthy Reset was my excuse to buckle down and try even more of them, to reset my focus on a vegetarian lifestyle, and to feel a bit better after a week in Las Vegas and the Easter holiday (read: Easter candy).

It’s been a really, really good two weeks. I got my sister involved, and she really enjoyed it, too. Here are a few of my thoughts about it, which I hope might encourage you to try it for yourself!

The Food is Really Good

Some recipes I liked more than others, of course, but none of them were disappointing. My favorites were the Nutrient Packed Superfood Salad, the Protein Banana Pancakes, Zucchini Noodles with Hemp Seed Pesto, the Spinach and Chickpea Sunwraps, and all the desserts. 🙂

My least favorite was the Black Bean Quinoa Burgers (a bit more time consuming, and they turned out a little dry). The chia pudding was good, but it didn’t set up the way chia pudding should — I think it just needs more chia!

healthy reset chia pudding

There’s a LOT of Food

The plan called for both morning and afternoon snacks, but most of the time I didn’t even need them. Some of the meals called for a wrap and a salad, but I didn’t usually need both! It was plenty of food, and I felt full and satisfied but also incredibly light. The first time I had the Superfood Salad, I felt like I was eating and eating…but when I finished, I was just pleasantly full. And there was still some dessert to be had. Speaking of…


This is the main reason I’d love to see you try this plan: it’s big proof that eating healthy doesn’t mean giving up treats. I found the “nice cream” (especially the chocolate peanut butter one we concocted) and the cookie dough balls so incredibly satisfying, and because they’re full of healthy ingredients you don’t feel guilty about having that second helping. 🙂 I believe that guilt about our food does even more damage than the unhealthy food itself, so this is huge for me.

healthy reset chocolate peanut butter nice cream

Having a Plan is Nice

This reminded me of my marathon training: I never had to think about what to do. I just looked at the plan, and did that. It takes so much pressure away from cooking dinner when you know exactly what’s up next, and it’s not so tempting to say, “Let’s just order Chinese food.”

Sometimes It Felt Repetitive

I thought, another wrap? Black bean burgers again? In two weeks? I wouldn’t have minded a few more recipes mixed in there, but the beauty of the ones that are there is the simplicity. Wraps and salads are easy to make. Having both black bean burgers and black bean soup on the menu allowed me to prepare both of those meals at the same time.

And here’s the thing: we don’t constantly have to be innovating with our food. A daily salad is a good thing. This helped me remember that I don’t always have to be coming up with something new and brilliant. Zucchini noodles with pesto is a long-time favorite of mine, and this pesto recipe is inexpensive for a pesto and full of greens, and I want to eat it every week.

healthy reset black bean quinoa burger

It’s Okay to Miss a Planned Meal

I went out to lunch twice during these two weeks, thereby skipping two of the scheduled meals for something that probably wasn’t quite as healthy. No big deal. I picked it up again that evening.

I Feel Gooooood

This has been a stressful month. There’s still a lot of uncertainty, and I had to remind myself to take care of myself. Eating this well for these two weeks was exactly what I needed.

About the Exercise

One thing I’ve been ignoring is that the Healthy Reset comes with an exercise plan! It’s just that I’ve already got one I’m pretty happy with, so I didn’t do theirs. But it’s there for you if you’d like to try it.

I’ve Got Some New Favorite Products

The Healthy Reset encouraged me to try some new recipes and some new products, and I’ve got some new favorites: the Sunfood Supergreens & Protein, Superfood Smoothie Mix (and they’ve got new flavors I want to try!), dried mulberries, and coconut wraps will be regular orders for me from now on.

healthy reset superfood smoothie mix

Learn More

You can find the Healthy Reset here. I’ll be doing it again, and I’m going to put several of these recipes in my regular rotation.

Check out my Instagram for more pictures and thoughts over the last couple of weeks.

You can find most of the ingredients for these recipes at your grocery store or health food store. But if you do place an order with Sunfood, be sure to use my referral code at checkout to get 10% off your first order: Z4E2BWS3.


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